waste your life

It was such a waste! All that perfume, just poured out, and it was expensive enough that a lot of useful things could have been done with the money obtained by selling it–lots of help for the poor, etc.

Jesus didn’t see it that way. Because it was an act of worship. (See Mark 14:3-9)

“Worship the wrong things and nothing else will come out quite right. But worship the living God who has given himself for us in the sacrifice of Jesus and you have a new sense of what matters and you will prioritize your life accordingly.”

“Waste” you life on the one who “wasted” His life on you. Love comes first, and then you will care about his agenda, which includes the poor. Radical generosity “flows from worshiping God.”

“Put God ahead of all else as the only one worthy of your worship and you will find you are pouring yourself out in all sorts of beautiful ways in service to the world.”

(Great devotion today from my YouVersion plan–by Redeemer Presbyterian Church.)

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