breathe, cry, sing

Time to put something down, to keep the memory: our first trip back to our previous “home” of 35 years. And it took almost 2 years before we did it!

The quote at the top of my home page these days is: “If you do not BREATHE through writing, if you do not CRY OUT in writing, or SING in writing, then DON’T WRITE”. (It’s to keep me from writing too much.) Not sure if this memory is breathing, crying, or singing. Maybe a bit of each!

First of all, if we had ever thought that we were just imagining that Ottawa has less traffic than Toronto, we were totally confirmed on that score: incredible how much traffic, how much people, there can be in one area on a Saturday afternoon! No wonder I used to take such a deep breath every time we’d come to Mom & Dad’s for a visit!

Sunday morning we caused quite a disturbance at our old church, and couldn’t get by without a hug for every single person of course! The funny thing was, the other couple who moved to Ottawa (years before us), who called Good Shepherd home years ago, were also there! We joked that we had to come to Toronto to see each other, even though we live a short bridge-distance away in Ottawa. But that wasn’t really a joke. ;S

Yes, that was the crying time. So many beautiful people that used to be in our lives every week, and more, for soooo many years! When I felt myself losing control, the thing to do was remind myself that the purpose of that place and time was worship, more than to see people. Not about me.

But it was certainly wonderful to see two more people being baptized there, and both of them crediting our sweet friend Lisa Li, being also thankful for the church, but mostly thankful for God. Their pastor was so good, that I’ll have to make sermon notes. You know I haven’t done that in a long time!

We waited at the back of the church afterwards, until almost everyone had gone. Weird to see them for such a few minutes, and some only a hug during communion. They were so happy to see us, but, I wonder if it was mean of us to drop in?

Monday we saw our financial advisor, and then visited old friends for dinner, having a wonderful time sharing new things (seeing their new home & land, talking about our new churches) and remembering old things. That would definitely be the “singing”!

Tuesday we returned the 407 transponder (more terrible traffic), and then (crying part again): watched the Blue Jays lose! One could say they were good seats, just above 3rd base, but wow–so uncomfortable! When did they shrink the seats??! :/

Somewhere in there I made a quick trip to Michael’s (siingiing), which was practically across the street from where we were staying at Rej’s brother’s place: one (kind of) advantage to living in a big city–good shopping SO close by!

Oh, and speaking of CRYING… our poor cat, didn’t stop–the whole way there, and the whole way back! It was kind of David (Sam’s friend), to be so willing to keep her while we were there. Our plan was to get her used to travelling; we remember friends who always took their cats with them camping, or to the cottage. Maybe when we go on a shorter trip, we could let her out of the cage, on her leash. Maybe that will work better. Maybe.

Wednesday we finished things up with our lawyer (so many things to think of when you move), and then went to a friend’s birthday supper, then off home the next day. It was all great fun, but definitely felt good to get home to Ottawa!


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