even a little bit

The main reason I want to make these notes, is because it’s what I would like to say myself, to people. Thank you Steve T. for giving me the words!

One thing that jumped out at me that day, was “You can’t really know with certainty until you commit.” So even it you’re a little bit sure, God will honour that. Think about the things you’ve “always thought”, and be open enough to doubt your doubts–see what the reasons are behind your thinking. Be honest about your bias.

We always want to tell people that they should do some research, “check it out”, and weigh the evidence–concerning the truth of a particular “man” being able to rise from the dead, etc. Of course we know that being objective about these things is not enough, that it needs to be personalized.

Hunger is proof that food exists. The deepest longings of the heart (for example, our sense of injustice) are proof that God exists. I’m so often reminded that ordinary human beings just cannot love the way those same human beings desire to be loved–we are prone to error. But God can, and does love us that perfectly.

If God is not a judge, than there is no hope for us–we cry out for justice. But law and love come together in Jesus, who met the requirements of God’s law out of his love for us. And as we respond to that, we are released from being driven by other things–those things that will, in the end, crush us. Every other religion says “DO”, while Jesus says, “It is DONE” (one of his final words from the cross).

Hope these thoughts are not too disjointed to follow!


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