How to define “ordinary”?

At Small Group last night, someone reminded us how God gives us gifts/abilities, not to use for ourselves, but for others. He gave the example of how you don’t, if you have the gift of preaching, preach to yourself.

For some reason, it came to my mind how I enjoy myself right here. I have several tabs open for reading this blog–one for reading the post on this day two years ago, one for reading the tag “quotes” (all my posts where I included interesting quotes), one for reading my tag on “notes” (including sermon notes, etc.)… and so on. And I haven’t been posting at all, just reading myself. :S  I figure I’m making good use of all that blogging and note-making, but…

In fact, I used to say that “I’m doing this for me”. That doesn’t sound quite right, somehow. Not that anyone needs more stuff to read!

Back to the Small Group study, which is actually done on each week’s sermon. Pastor Tim shared several Life Principles with us, and my favourite was about God using the ordinary to do extraordinary things. He asked Moses what was in his hands–a staff. The very staff that was used in so many miracles in the Exodus story. It started with something that Moses used every day, in his particular profession, looking after sheep.

We discussed in our group how it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t base our own experience on someone else’s–just because Peter walked on water, doesn’t mean that we can do it every time we try. It was Jesus who called Peter to come, and we need to follow God’s leading about those things. Also, Tim included the fact that things like housewife & mother are also a “high and holy calling”. So often we miss the fact that miracles and extraordinary things are happening around us all the time.

Like my parents’ 60th anniversary this weekend!! :)


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