Stand Up

During our small group Bible study last night, my husband’s response to one of the questions (I forget what the question was), was that we should decorate our homes in such a way (subtle, not blatant) that when people enter, they know that you’re a Christian. As I sat there amazed that he should have such a neat idea, he proceeded to suggest an example, “like my wife does”! Thinking to myself that he must have in mind an incident from many years ago, my eyes fell to the autumn basket on my coffee table, beside which was a bulletin cover that says “We thank you our Creator, for all things bright and good”.

Funny how I really liked the idea, and had forgotten that it’s already what I like to do (though I’m hesitant to say that everyone should do it). The fact that it’s now done without thinking, is not so good! The memories finally came back to me, of just wanting so much to give praise to God in every way possible.

The discussion continued, about not wanting to turn people off, or having the effect of making them avoid you at all costs. I grew up in the “Jesus Freak” days, when you wore buttons that said “I Belong to Jesus”… and little feet the same size as an aborted fetus’… pins and bumper stickers of “Jesus Loves You”, etc. etc. Perhaps it worked well for an extremely shy teenager such as I, to ward people away from me, haha!

We always seem to go from one extreme to the other though, don’t we? Our (excellent new) pastor bravely told us a couple of weeks ago, that Christians in Canada are going to have to stand firm in the coming days, about unpopular Biblical truths. As he said, when you change what the Bible calls sin, you change what we are to repent of, and you actually change the Gospel. Because the Gospel is not just “believe”, but “repent and believe” (Mark 1:15). And it’s when we stand firm and united, that others will get the idea that we’ve got hold of something that might be true. (Philippians 1:27-28)

And what will give us the ability to stand firm? To live as we should, to serve sacrificially and be joyful even in suffering, and do it humbly? We are inspired by our Model, who has done it before us. You see, it’s not all about what we can do for Him. It’s all about what He has done for us!


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