Baseball Lessons

Do you sometimes feel like a failure? You’ve been trying and trying, honed your skills, done everything in the best way that you know, and still nothing has come through?

Well, it’s a statistical reality that home-run hitters tend to be strike out leaders, and: “people who are called to attempt the greatest achievements tend to experience the most embarrassing failures”. Just think of all the failures that baseball players have to deal with! Every time they strike out, or are in a slump, lose a game, lose a series… It’s heartbreaking for them, I’m sure! But they have to learn to deal with it, or they’d never survive. Perhaps you too, are going through a rigorous training process, becoming one of those called to something great… “unless those folks learn to how to deal with failure, they are never going to fulfill their destiny.”

“Too many people are sitting in the stands, watching the game (of life), because they are too afraid of failure.”

Baseball has such great lessons for life! The guy who wrote this article I’m quoting from, is actually working on a book all about it. He is the Chaplain for the Ottawa Champions, and was one of the students that I marked for Perspectives. I’m looking forward to that book!

The article was written awhile ago, and I assure you, I did not come to it this morning on purpose. ;)


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