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Yikes, I’ve signed up for yet another email feed! Not sure how often this one updates, but it was recommended by our church plant, and has some really good articles/resources. Plus, it’s all about being missional.

For example, an article about the question of celebrating Hallowe’en: “For most of us, Halloween isn’t a time where we celebrate the dead and go and skin a goat and sacrifice it to Satan…. It has become just part of our culture in the West and has very little to do with the “darkness”…it’s not good, it’s not evil…it’s just something we celebrate…” He (Seth McBee) suggests that lots of evil things happen on other holidays that we celebrate without question (drinking too much, etc.), and that God wants to redeem all things back to himself.

You see, there is no holiday like Hallowe’en, for its opportunity to meet people and befriend them, which is where missioning begins. Jesus went to parties and was accused of spending time with “drunkards”. The thing is, you can alienate yourself from those new friends in two ways: 1) by not opening your home to them on Hallowe’en (this author even suggests that church “harvest parties” are bad, because they take everyone away from their community, and your neighbours get to know you as the mean people who don’t hand out); or 2) by handing out apples wrapped in tracts, or dressing your child like Martin Luther. Two extremes, two ways to scare people away.

Jesus always pursued the sinner, meeting them where they were, engaging them in ways that they’d understand who God is and how he loves us. “Jesus used the everyday celebrations as a way to build relationships so he could speak into the lives of those around him.  He was continually at parties.” So, this author says that we should “be THAT house”–the one that gives out the best candy, and is the most welcoming. One of his ideas I saw put into practise by a good friend in Toronto: have hot cider/hot chocolate etc., available for the parents.

Maybe it’s an excuse, but I’m always cautious about acting in ways that would be out of character for myself. Yes, I love to entertain, but I’m not really an extrovert type of person. If I was to overdo this kind of thing, it would only end up awkward and embarrassing. Nevertheless, I love these ideas!

One other thing he talks about that was a lesson to me: you know how Paul talks about eating meat sacrificed to idols, and how it might be okay for us, but we shouldn’t cause our brother to stumble? Paul was talking about new Christians who actually used to do that–eat meat sacrificed to idols.

Here’s how to contextualize for Halloween:

If you have a brother who used to worship Satan and they used to sacrifice goats and drink its blood, then it might be a good idea to work through Halloween with them and whether or not it would make that brother stumble.  This does NOT mean, if you have a brother who thinks it’s merely wrong to celebrate Halloween then you should put it to the side.

Because, shouldn’t we educate our brothers on this great missional opportunity? Just remember: “Don’t use this holiday to make a point.  Use this holiday to point to the true reason we all get to celebrate and bless…Jesus… He was about parties because that’s where people were and that’s where people connect and share stories and start and continue relationships…. Christians shouldn’t be the ones avoided for parties, but should be the ones that people are most excited to have come around because they bring the “better wine.”

I should have just shared the whole article with you, haha! If you do want to read it, you have to sign up for a (free) membership at “Vergenetwork”. The title of this one is “3 Practical Ways to be Missional This Halloween; Or, Why Jesus Wouldn’t Attend the Harvest Party at Your Church”.


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