…and you never knew it…

Someday, you’re going to look back and realize, when you think of the myriad special moments… someday, hopefully sooner rather than later, you’re going to think of all the wonders you’ve seen–intricate nature, fascinating science, amazing math-minds, beautiful music… fellowship of friends and family–

Someday, you’re going to realize, that God was there all along. That “the earth is FULL of the glory of the Lord!” (Isaiah 6:3)

Of course I knew this before, but a certain speaker I heard recently pointed it out to me afresh. Usually when I read that verse quoted above, I think of God’s creation in nature. But it’s also true about the one he created “in his own image”–the amazing qualities of man, and what man is able to do. And especially this: just because someone doesn’t realize it, doesn’t mean that God isn’t there working through them, resulting in all kinds of wonderful things that bring glory to God.

This is another way to think about what our pastor mentioned not too long ago, that just because something isn’t specifically “Christian” (talking about Christ or made by a Christian), doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it as something from God. Which, as he said, is a temptation these days when Christians are creating a lot of quality art, etc.

So, when I’m working on fixing up my myriad of photos, it’s not a useless activity that has no purpose for God’s Kingdom. (Yes, I have wondered about it sometimes–it takes up so much time!) It’s something that can reflect God’s glory, and yes, even has the potential to point someone to God. The earth is full of the glory of the Lord! That verse has become my theme, these days… though it doesn’t have a lot to do with my One Word (love). :)


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