An Evening to Remember

Better write down these memories! A lot of it will be covered in the photos of course, which is something I still have to go through.

It all started with Rej saying we should have a party for me when I turn 60. Sam latched on to it, saying “Yeah, you never have a party for yourself, we should!” Then it was to decide how/what to do. While listening to some good old 60’s/70’s music, I was dancing as usual, and burst out with “I don’t want to be 60! I’d rather be a teenager!” So we decided to make the party on a Teenager theme, with dancing in the basement (like we used to do) to 70’s music (when I was a teenager), and late-night pizza. (There was  a question whether we’d be able to stay up that late, like we “used to do”, but it was no problem!) Sam saved up, and made a list of things to do, including urging me to make a slide show of photos–which were played on the tv screens both upstairs and down. (They included lots of other people who were in the photos as well.)

Two of my nieces were due to have babies right around the time of my birthday, so we chose the weekend before, to be sure that my sister and brother could make it. Then they BOTH ended up having their babies EARLY! :D

But my sister & husband did make it (my poor brother & wife came half-way, but he was on call, and got a call before he got here). Christine did an amazing job of decorating the place, while Sam & I were out picking up the cakes. Mom helped a lot (especially by things she had made before), and Dad blew up balloons. This part is covered pretty extensively in the photos: “roast”-type things (“nice” roasts) that were printed out, and scrap-book style memories that Mom had gathered with photos. I’m leaving those things for the LAST, to “clean up” after the party! In fact, this party is lasting awhile, when you think that Mom & Dad are coming over tomorrow to help us eat some of the leftover pizza, and the rest of the ice cream cake!

Thirty-odd people made it to the party, and it was quite wonderful seeing them all enjoy the 13-hour playlist of 60’s/70’s music that Sam had put together (remembering the songs, trying to guess the artists, etc.), enjoy each other, and a few of them even joined me to dance! Of course they enjoyed the pot luck supper as well, and the 70’s style root beer floats in mason jars, and the pretty penny-candy “store” that Christine had set up in the corner. (I remember how often we used to trek off to the corner store for such treats, and the special penny-candy sections that the small stores always had! No such things around these days!) Then there were TWO cakes, a Costco sheet cake (delicious filling!) and a scrumptious ice cream cake from Dairy Queen–both paid for by Sam. AND of course, the pizza arrived at 10:30, which he also paid for.

Each person who came was special. Dave was the first to arrive the week before, who had planned his yearly visit with Sam so that he could help out with the party. It ALWAYS feels like a holiday when he comes! Then came a couple from Toronto who we had met in our camping club years ago, who also bonded with us by going to the fitness club every morning (Rej & he), she also helped out at the kids’ club for awhile, and he was the one to call for a drive at 4 am, when Sam was on his way into this world!

The two other couples from Toronto: another camping club couple, who were younger like us, and who we used to spend a week’s holiday camping with sometimes; and Dave’s parents, who used to have us over fairly often for special meals (birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.). And several other friends in Toronto did send their regrets. When I included them in the invitations (Facebook Event), I didn’t really expect ANYONE to come all that way! But at least Penny got to visit her cousin while she was here. She also brought her two grandsons, who were amazingly well-behaved.

Of course I absolutely loved that my two BFF girlfriends from high school were able to make it. Glenda got up to dance quite a bit as well, and she looks soooo good! So these ladies pave the way for me not to be “afraid” of being 60, lol!

Crystal was there with her 6 kids (some the right age for Penny’s grandsons, yay), so I got to give a tour of my “new home” once again, and get all the “oohs” and “aaahs”. And I LOVE seeing the photos, and reminding myself that there were little girls in my house! They were playing upstairs for awhile before someone told them they shouldn’t, and when I went upstairs to bed, there was a huge pile of balloons in the corner beside my bed! I still have to go over the cards they made me.

Love that my cousin & family also made it, though it is a long drive from where they live in Quebec. She doesn’t believe in dancing, I think, but she kept smiling and giving me the “thumbs up” when I was up there twirling away–by myself at that point, I believe it was!

Of course, it was also gratifying to be able to show off my parents, and my HANDSOME brother! (I always talk about his looks, but he’s also very compassionate, smart, etc.!) There isn’t one of the guests, who if they hadn’t come, I would have been rather disappointed… Even though the disappointment of the few who couldn’t make it, did not really spoil anything. ;)

We were very glad that Rej’s niece and her boyfriend made it, and she even followed Christine’s suggestion of trying to dress to match the era–in her cute check-dress! I’d forgotten about that, but yes, I did wear several checkered clothes “back then”.

So the party was to start at 4 pm, with pot luck supper at 6, IF people wanted to come for that; then pizza at 10:30. Some left before the pizza, which was also expected.

When we chose the date, we didn’t even realize that it was a long weekend (Family Day), which turned out great for those coming with kids. It meant that we were able to eat up the leftovers (mostly), the next day with the two camping club couples, and have a great visit with them, playing Brain Strain afterwards (which is great for including the kids/Penny’s grandsons).

Some people brought gifts even though they weren’t supposed to. But you know, it’s really, really true: the BEST gift was the people being there!!


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