Pay Attention

It’s only natural that as one gets older, one becomes more aware of the importance of some things. For example, young people don’t usually worry too much about their health. But the more we mature, the more we tend to pay attention to a healthy diet, do more exercise, etc.

Similarly, the older you get, the more you feel an urgency to pay attention to the health of your soul, and become concerned about the health of others’ souls. Especially if you believe that there is more to life than this life. And it’s more than just knowing that “crossing over Jordan” can come unexpectedly, any time; but looking back on your life, you realize how much more depth is possible–both enjoyment of the blessings and help in the trials–if you pay attention to the things of the soul.

I for one, sometimes wonder if I’m really doing all I can to convince others of these things. On the one hand, there is an urgent feeling of wanting to grab your loved ones and tell them bluntly, “God loves you so much he died for you,” etc.; and on the other hand, my feeling is that doing such a thing would create a huge uncomfortableness… but isn’t “uncomfortableness” really needed, before one can come to God? The “uncomfortableness” of realizing that you can’t do life without God? Pride can make that feel very humiliating, and who wants to humiliate others?

So I use that excuse, as well as the one that I’m not very good at “arguing” out the questions that people have. Even though I shouldn’t feel defensive, and be more trusting of God to work in spite of myself. I should just say that their questions are welcome, that they could go to Alpha to ask all those questions, that the important thing is that they just begin to ask… That they should at least investigate the evidence (for the resurrection, which is people’s main sticking point), etc. But I know I won’t.

I’ve often said that the most amazing miracles, are the ones that God does in people’s hearts. Perhaps one of those miracles needs to start in me. For Christians also, need to pay attention to the health of their souls.


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