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It’s been said that this Perspectives course “ruins you for the rest of your life” (or something like that)–in other words, you can never be the same again. You can never continue on as if you didn’t know…

As an alumni, I’m allowed to go to any of the classes for free, plus, it behooves me to go as a marker, at least sometimes. So even if I was tempted to “forget”, I’m reminded every time I go (and with every lesson I mark), and hear those missionaries share their experiences. Usually, it deepens my desire to do whatever I can. Often, it makes me wish I could do more. Sometimes, I wonder if missionaries might be the only ones who will get those mansions that Jesus promised. They sacrifice so much, are so “all in” with every part of their lives! When I compare that to the multitude of comforts that I enjoy…

It’s probably a good thing to look over my life periodically and ask myself if I couldn’t actually drop everything and begin to actively share Christ in a much more sacrificial way. Even if I can’t, it’s maybe good to think about it. What I’m able to do seems like so little!
Hopefully it’s not just a scheme to find excuses for myself, but I’m usually reminded that prayer (for example) can be hard work as well. For several months now, I’ve been getting into a more and more involved prayer life. (I’m becoming that “retired old grandma”, who prays & prays!) It used to be difficult to relate to people in distance lands, and what they were going through. Now I’m even finding myself emotionally involved… so maybe that’s part of the hard work. Another part, is to keep on praying for those situations/people that seem like they’ll never change, to never give up hoping and pleading for them. To know that God is working, and requires patience.


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