A List of Happy Things, and May’s “Less”

It doesn’t take much these days, to think up a long list of amazingly wonderful things:

  • my Mom is recovering at home from a triple bypass;
  • my son is working and loving it (for other than the family company!)
  • the lilac bush flourished and produced lots of blossoms this spring;
  • the rain sounds wonderful on the hot tub roof;
  • favourite friends from Toronto are visiting in June;
  • other favourite friends in Toronto are expecting TWO grandchildren (their first) within a month of each other;
  • I finally found a haircut I love;
  • my weight-gain was not quite as much as expected…

Well, I could go on and on! So, moving right on to my One Word “less”, the best ones for May:

  • less anger, more acceptance–when you accept that you simply disagree, or that someone will never change, it can change anger to living in an attitude of (mutual) forgiveness;
  • less sleep, more moonlight–there was a glorious full moon recently, and it made me feel like sacrificing sleep just to enjoy it;
  • less screen, more sky–self explanatory, I think! Looking at the sky, or watching clouds on a fluffy-cloud day, is so wonderful to do, though it may be hard to make yourself take the time to do it.


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