Forget about obligation

Half-way into July, and we finally have a day available to post! It took that long for a rainy morning to come. There’s no way I’m taking a computer outside on a hot day! And cooler mornings are for weeding.

June was Father’s Day month, and originally I was thinking of posting for that… My Dad has a gift of serving people, which we always notice when we visit, but he also had lots of serving to do when Mom came home after her triple bypass–he did a wonderful job! In fact, she’s improving double-time, I think, in part due to his help (but of course, it also has a lot to do with her own determination and cheerful outlook).

It was my privilege to help with weeding some of Mom’s Amazing Gardens, a couple of times, though really I did very little. Dad (who has bad knees) said that if his kids kept having to come and help with weeding, that they would be shutting down more and more of their gardens. “It’s not fair”, he said. Well, I have something to say about that, just in case he thinks I feel obligated to help…

If I switch it around, and think about everything I’ve done for my own child, and everything I’d be willing to do… which is pretty well anything, I’ve had the thought before that Sam shouldn’t feel obligated to me because of this. I’m only doing/have done, what comes natural. Of course, one always has that “sense of duty” to family members, but when the relationship is good, or when there is love–forget the obligation part, you’re doing it because you love them. You want to do it.

So, I’m not helping because I feel obligated, but because I want to!

Now, lets see if my One Word choices for June have anything to do with any of this. :D

  • Less counting, more feeling. (There you go!)
  • Less hands, more arms. (Hands may be needed for weeding, but arms are for hugs. ;) )
  • Less wall, more window. Or, how about less window as well? Since summer is the time for sitting outside every. day. all. day. (Enjoying the gardens!) Unless it rains.


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