less heat, more fire… or, less fire, more heat?

August is almost finished already! How about this for being so late with July’s “less”?

I’ve been trying to think of something else to talk about, besides just the One Word “discoveries”, and finally this has come to mind: it’s been a very long time since I’ve done sermon notes!

We have always been spoiled with such good sermons, and that hasn’t changed since we started going to The Met. But… this one from a couple of weeks ago was especially good, entitled “The Dark Side of Sin”.

Pastor Jonathan wanted us to think about four areas of biblical truth (along the lines of “sin”) that have to become bigger for us.

  1. We need to have a very big understanding of sin.
    1. Sometimes we diminish it, but we shouldn’t be too surprised to “find rot behind the drywall”; as it is mentioned in many places in the Bible, “the heart of man is deceitful beyond cure, who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) Never look at someone who has been “caught” in what seems to us an especially ugly sin as if they’re an alien–“There but for the grace of God go I!” And the only difference between a Christ-follower and a nonbeliever, is that the Spirit causes us to feel it more–that constant battle within that Paul talks about.
  2. We need a big view of grace.
    1. It’s easy to rejoice in God’s forgiveness for the everyday sins of character (not being as joyful as we should, etc.), but when something “big” needs forgiveness (i.e. sexual sin,  etc.)…. a wonderful quote from Pastor Jonathan: “When the weight of sin comes crashing down on the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ, can the Grace of God hold, or will the structure collapse and the sinner come crashing through it; can the grace of God bear the weight when the stain of sin is deep and wide and ugly? Can the blood of Jesus cleanse it? …The answer is yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes…” (Of course, there must be full confession and genuine repentance.)
  3. We need a big view of the sovereignty of God.
    1. God’s plans do not suffer a setback by sinful/ugly/evil situations! Remember Joseph, and how the evil his brothers did, God planned for good, even if He wasn’t the source of the evil.
  4. We need a big view of the future.
    1. The evil and ugliness that happens often will force us to “grow out of love with the world”, and that’s when we repeat from Revelations “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” (I’ve often felt like that when I get tired of my own sinful self!) 1 John 3:2  This is what keeps Christ-followers going in the present, knowing that God’s purpose is ultimately working towards that Future Day that will be very wonderful!

(Sorry about the ‘A.s’, WordPress seems to insist!)

Oh right–Less! There are actually four favourites this time, albeit the last one is something I saw somewhere else (not mine): less drone, more chirp; less steam, more breeze; less heat, more fire; less bark, more wag!


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