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All my posts for the year fit on one page! Of my Home page, that is. At least, they did until this post… we’ll see.

I have a feeling I’ve made posts about this before–the desire to say something to help, though you don’t because you know it won’t help. And, people are not always ready to hear it, no matter how true it might be!

In this case, I’m thinking about people who are suffering, and feeling like nothing is ever going to go right again. So many times, God allows things to get desperate, just to get people to realize they need Him. When they finally do (how often I’ve heard this testimony), life turns around in amazing ways.

However, bad things DO happen to “good people”, Job being the perfect example. This is the question that so many ask, and so many just can’t get by it. The various answers will sometimes help, but often they just don’t: we live in an imperfect world because of sin, trials help us grow, the view is beautiful after the climb, etc. etc. In fact, this question of God allowing suffering is the big question in the book of Job, in the Bible. And here’s the surprise: it doesn’t answer it! God does join the discussion, at the end of the book; but what He does is point out the myriad wonders in creation, mysteries unfathomable. In other words, He is saying that humans just have no idea… we are not able to understand (the word is “perspective”). But God does!

So, just now I’m checking over my “one words” for August, and yes, there are some that fit perfectly!

  • Less noise, more sound.
  • Less rumble, more thunder.
  • Less Earth, more Universe.
  • Less lips, more soul.

To me anyway, these speak of mightiness, purpose, depth. When you’re in blackness, sometimes you just need to know, to know–that God IS.


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