less less less!

Getting tired of this by this 10th time (and 298 daily lines in the chart!), but as I said elsewhere, no point in giving up now, when there are only two months left! In fact, I’ve enjoyed skimming over the previous favourites here.

SEPTEMBER faves:  less busy, more cat; less road, more trail; less line, more curl.

OCTOBER faves: less metal, more wood; less why, more who; less drama, more Word; less plush, more others.

Two months in one, because of how busy we’ve been this Fall.

  • Thanksgiving
  • Sam’s trip to Toronto
  • Rose’s wedding
  • Family Thanksgiving
  • shopping for gas stove
  • shopping for new stove hood to match
  • installing stove hood all-by-ourselves
  • complications re hooking up new stove
  • catching bad colds
  • sewing & crocheting various “necessities”
  • Fall cleaning (floors, etc.)
  • a few work trips to Quebec
  • two Community Group training sessions
  • Raking, raking, raking
  • Church member meeting
  • and now the Christmas baking has begun!

Finally getting some good sleeps and naps though (go away cold!), and feeling like things are getting done. Even though the New Gas Stove shall sit in the middle of our kitchen probably until next year, before it gets hooked up. We’ve accepted it! ;)


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