Letter Time!

It’s really quite amazing how quickly the Christmas Letter gets done these days. We remember when you had to start thinking about it weeks ahead of time! At the very beginning, we even had to leave time for taking it somewhere to copy. o-O Wow. And remember the few years that we did audio? That was fun!

The past few years, the struggle of thinking of what to say was because of everything being “out there already” through social media, etc. Nowadays, people (including ME) post or blog a lot less (hardly ever), so it’s getting a little easier. Things change!

However, the letter came together SO quickly this year, then printed right away and folded and stuffed, that maybe I wish I’d said things a little differently… Oh well, it’s done now! :D

Christmas Letter 2018

If you want to go back in time and check out our previous Christmas Letters, you can find them at interfree.ca.

And now to keep going on not blogging very much, this post shall include this month’s favourite “less” phrases for November: Less pride, more gratitude; less petting, more scratching…. (we do love our cat! :D )


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