And the winner is…

First of all, the “winners” for December’s “less”: less microscope, more telescope; less shadow, more body; less dagger, more sceptre.

Done! Last year’s One Word (“less”), was put to use more than any previous year–my chart shows 355 entries, so not very many days missed. And because it’s so easy to use these tables to “sort ascending”, I’m able to tell you that there were only about 130 repeats in the “less” column, and about 88 repeats in the “more” column.

In fact though, there were only 11 “actual” repeats in each column. For example, “God” may have been repeated three times, but each one was quite different in meaning: less equipment, more God; less hero, more God; less me, more God. As far as exact repeats (both words the same), there was one word in each column that was repeated, exactly, three times! And the winners are… less rule, more heart/love; less future, more present.

Lots of words were repeated twice, three times, and several words were repeated four and five times–all these paired with different words. In each column, there was one word repeated SEVEN times, still each with different matches! And the winners are… “less talk/talking” and “more joy” (those don’t go together… well, not in my chart anyway!)

Just skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know all seven matches for each of those words. :D Less talk/talking, more: stillness, conversation, care, action, singing, thinking, praying. And for the “more” column, more joy, less: cleaning, crying, pleasure, ungratefulness, fear, self, shallowness.

I was thinking of going through all the favourites that I picked out each month, and choose some final winners from those; but perhaps we could just go with the above paragraph. Although, repeats only mean that I was running out of ideas. I did remind myself each day, to not think about it too much. What did I learn from all this? Ummmm…. well, maybe that it’s possible to come up with some interesting and fun thoughts, without trying too hard. And, that it’s possible to stick to something all year, if you make it simple enough!

That’s why I’ve given up on complicated diets, exercise plans, etc. The simpler, the better.

NOW, for this year’s One Word. And the winner is…. FRUIT! As you may realize, that can be thought of in a lot of ways. In the most basic way, fruit is something I need to eat more often. Spiritually, “fruit” is mentioned quite often in Scripture: Jesus says he is the vine and we are the branches, and those who don’t bear fruit will be pruned away, “by their fruit you shall know them”, the fruit of the Spirit, etc. etc. I won’t be making a chart this year, but hopefully it will continue to make me blog once a month. ;)

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