New things

It’s always exciting and fun to try something new. I mean like, changing your lifestyle, saying something like “from now on…”. Reducing our use of plastic has meant several exciting changes:

  • buying bakery bread (for toast) that is in a paper bag vs plastic bag;
  • using cloth mesh bags for produce;
  • bringing my own jars and tins to the bulk food store, and buying as much as possible there;
  • buying things in larger packages to reduce plastic use (like paper towells). We just had to find a place to store them!
  • Along the way, we discovered that plastic containers should not be used for heating/hot food, especially OLD stuff. The article said, “If it’s your Mom’s Tupperware from the 70’s, you should probably ditch it”… ummm, I’m the “Mom”, who bought lots of that stuff for her hope chest, way back in the 70’s; so, I get to buy new containers!

NEW change: we learned that tons of water and chemicals go into making toilet paper, and thinking how much toilet paper we go through, we’ve ended up discovering how lovely it is to have a bidet! The thought started because of the toilet paper coming wrapped in plastic.

EXCITING NEW CHANGE TO COME: making my own yogurt!! Sam told me when he bought the Instant Pot that I could make yogurt, but it didn’t seem worth it at the time. Now that I’m trying to send as little plastic to Thailand as possible (supposedly they recycle it, but apparently it just gets sent away), any margarine tubs and yogurt tubs should be washed and reused… but I’ve never liked the yogurt containers that I get. NOW I’m looking forward to making my own and storing in jars! And if there’s too much, I’m sure my Mom would love some! Before, I probably had memories of standing over the stove for long periods stirring milk, but it will be a cinch with the Instant Pot.

Other changes to come: cutting down on toilet paper usage has made me think of kleenix tissues, which I use a LOT of. So it’s time to cut up an old sheet and make hankies. I’ve also bought some nice tea towells to make into beeswax wraps, since I do have some leftover beeswax from the time of making my own creams. Making face cream I will do again, but I’ve found some simple recipes using coconut oil (which can be bought at the bulk food store, yay!)

And speaking of face cream, shampoo BARS work great! The one I have was bought in an expensive store, but there are also lots of recipes for that… we’ll see if they’re easy and work for my hair.

Soooo, perhaps my One Word for this year should have been “zero”! Oh well, here’s the “fruit” verse I read this morning: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love its use will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21) (Oy! Death and life as fruit? If you love to talk… )

I ended up taking that second verse mentioned in my last post, for this past month’s memory verse (“You were once darkness, but now you are light, live as children of the light. (For the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth); and find out what pleases the Lord.” Ephesians 5:8-10) For this month, since I’m always thinking how much I’d like to convince people that they should believe in Jesus, it’ll be a verse from Romans. Stay tuned for next month’s post to see which one! ;)

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