another missionary-poem post

I guess I’ve copied missionary friends’ poetry here a couple of times… this time it’s from a child of a missionary, I think she’s about 9 or 10 years old. Or, maybe she’s 11 or 12? When I read what she’s written, it’s hard to believe she’s not an adult, or at least a teenager! She wrote several, but I’ll just copy this one… beautiful, in my estimation!

Find Me

Find me, hidden away
Before the break of day
Is banished into night
Unbroken by a light
Find me
Find me soon.

Find me, weak and cold
Before the dark grows bold -
Enough to see my plight
To make me walk by sight
Find me
Find me soon.

Find me, lost, alone
I don't know what's my own
What thought is in the right
What black lie I've made white
Find me
Find me now

Find me, quickly please
My heart is ill at ease
I'm far away from home
Darkness is where I've roamed
Find me
I need finding

Find me, through the gate
It may not be too late
Before I fully own
The harvest I have sown
Find me
Find me please

Find me, through the lies
That make me close my eyes
To what I've always known
To stop me coming home
Find me
Find me now

Find me, come and find me
I am sore in need
Reach down through the shadows
Find me on my knees
Find me
Will you find me?

by G.H.

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