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You just need to know

All my posts for the year fit on one page! Of my Home page, that is. At least, they did until this post… we’ll see. I have a feeling I’ve made posts about this before–the desire to say something to … Continue reading

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less heat, more fire… or, less fire, more heat?

August is almost finished already! How about this for being so late with July’s “less”? I’ve been trying to think of something else to talk about, besides just the One Word “discoveries”, and finally this has come to mind: it’s … Continue reading

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Forget about obligation

Half-way into July, and we finally have a day available to post! It took that long for a rainy morning to come. There’s no way I’m taking a computer outside on a hot day! And cooler mornings are for weeding. … Continue reading

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A List of Happy Things, and May’s “Less”

It doesn’t take much these days, to think up a long list of amazingly wonderful things: my Mom is recovering at home from a triple bypass; my son is working and loving it (for other than the family company!) the … Continue reading

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April’s “Less”

Eight days into May isn’t bad for finally getting to this, considering all that’s been happening lately. And that’s not including the things that lead up to summer: a last lesson to mark for Perspectives today (and then the projects), … Continue reading

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to read again

I’ve quoted from Amy Jo’s blog before (song lyrics, I think). She does such wonderful writing! This post was just so good, and so… “Ottawa” (and yes, I’m STILL amazed that I now live in Ottawa, even though we’ve now … Continue reading

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Less for March

Feeling very lazy about posting these days. But I’ll just have to force myself, if only to keep up the ability. This idea of choosing a “Less of… more of… ” is starting to feel old already. However, if you … Continue reading

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Less of this, more of that

This is late for February’s One Word post… It seems I’ve latched on to the number ‘3’, for choosing the best “one words” of the week (and posted to Facebook), and for choosing the best of the month. Not sure … Continue reading

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And that is life!

If you’ve never read The Mitford Chronicles by Jan Karon, you should try them! I’m just finishing my third time through, and I love them even more than the first time! They’re all about an Episcopalian priest who loves everyone, … Continue reading

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good article re being a “firekeeper”

We still remember the interim pastor we had at Good Shepherd in Toronto, with fondness. When I have a question, I think of asking him–he always said we should investigate things for ourselves, but my wont was to trust his … Continue reading

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