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body & soul

What if true love is found in the very place we most deserve to be rejected? …(1 John 4:9-10) …The One who knows you best, loves you most. You can trust the God who hung on the cross for you. … Continue reading

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rainy day “fun”

Yesterday was just one of those days. First of all, I just couldn’t decide which parking spot to take at Walmart… back in here? No, gotta have the back hatch on the outside in rain like this… can’t fit here… … Continue reading

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Fitness Test 2014

Yikes, just checked back–last year I did the one mile test in 15 minutes! So I’m out of shape: just did the test today in 19:24.37. After supper, temps around 27 C (though didn’t feel that hot.) So lets see … Continue reading

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Run for it!

“Clear the path for long-distance runners so no one will trip and fall, so no one will step in a hole and sprain an ankle. Help each other out. And run for it!” (Hebrews 12:13) It was a little difficult, … Continue reading

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He stops for them. :)

To think that I usually spend 6 to 8 weeks “training” for a 5 K (just one that I map out in the neighbourhood), and last weekend I ran one with my Dad, without even having done any running at … Continue reading

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Interval Walking, working towards Spring!!!

Was thinking of not cross-posting to facebook (there’s been a lot of teasing about people who “boast”/talk about their workouts, lol)… but this post helps to show that I’m not always talking about “church stuff”! :D Plus, it might cheer … Continue reading

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First 5 K in the Rain

So after my last 5K where I seemed to mix things up, I listened to myself and brought along something to “write it down”–just writing down the time at each “way-point” so that I could figure it out later. (It … Continue reading

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Time for a Running Post!

(I can hear my Dad, going “YAAAAYY!!!” :D Of course, he’s getting ready to come here right now, so… maybe later.) I’ve been enjoying the new program I started this Fall, which is actually a combination of two of them … Continue reading

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To Thine Own Self be True… ?

Loving routine and loving a change is a favourite theme with me, have you noticed? What I noticed when running this morning, is that it’s time to change that schedule to afternoons, when it’s a bit warmer. There are lots … Continue reading

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This is the Day

… that the Lord has made! Gorgeous red shooting through the sunrise clouds on my run this morning, and through the autumn leaves, and through the little bird (a young Mrs. Cardinal) that flew down to the fence beside me! … Continue reading

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