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Yeah, third post in just a few days, wow. But there’s a really neat poem that I just have to get in here. It was written by Mariangela Gualtieri (Italian?), an accomplished poet I think; and was translated to English… … Continue reading

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another missionary-poem post

I guess I’ve copied missionary friends’ poetry here a couple of times… this time it’s from a child of a missionary, I think she’s about 9 or 10 years old. Or, maybe she’s 11 or 12? When I read what … Continue reading

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less heat, more fire… or, less fire, more heat?

August is almost finished already! How about this for being so late with July’s “less”? I’ve been trying to think of something else to talk about, besides just the One Word “discoveries”, and finally this has come to mind: it’s … Continue reading

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to read again

I’ve quoted from Amy Jo’s blog before (song lyrics, I think). She does such wonderful writing! This post was just so good, and so… “Ottawa” (and yes, I’m STILL amazed that I now live in Ottawa, even though we’ve now … Continue reading

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And that is life!

If you’ve never read The Mitford Chronicles by Jan Karon, you should try them! I’m just finishing my third time through, and I love them even more than the first time! They’re all about an Episcopalian priest who loves everyone, … Continue reading

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He is already there

It may be true that I hardly ever have enough to say in a post anymore, but that is not true of everywhere. For example, I certainly do enough talking at Small Group, and on Wednesday mornings with the 3 … Continue reading

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No more dark night

Time to get this deeply moving poem here, written by a young missionary friend of mine (who I met through Perspectives). It gives you a glimpse of what she has suffered, through sharing Christ with those who so desperately need … Continue reading

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Blessed to be a blessing

Yikes, I’ve signed up for yet another email feed! Not sure how often this one updates, but it was recommended by our church plant, and has some really good articles/resources. Plus, it’s all about being missional. For example, an article … Continue reading

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Stand Up

During our small group Bible study last night, my husband’s response to one of the questions (I forget what the question was), was that we should decorate our homes in such a way (subtle, not blatant) that when people enter, … Continue reading

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after Good Friday

Just thinking, about sacrifice. Since it is the end of Lent, when lots of people try to give up something for 40 days. I’m often feeling challenged about that, because I do have so many comforts. Then I comfort myself … Continue reading

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