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Live Forever | View From the Window Seat

Live Forever

What if it IS true? Wouldn’t you want to know?

The first “simple prayer” that you may need to say, might go something like this: “God, if you are real, please show me.” His answer is “If you really want to know, I will!”

“You might think you have a good life right now, but if you could have an even better life, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Unfortunately, what keeps us from grabbing hold of that better life is an irrational sense of self-sufficiency. We think we’re doing fine on our own.” RW (emphasis mine)

Most people have trouble with the fact that Jesus could actually rise from the dead. This is what proved he is God, and put the stamp of truth on everything he said. Although it can’t be conclusively proved, there is an awful lot of evidence–you could start by clicking on my “case for christ” tag. Or, read the book yourself, it’s easy and fun to read: The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel.

Or, if you want something short & sweet, without all the details: here’s one paragraph.

If you would like: some arguments in answer to the question, “How can a thoughtful person believe the Bible?” Also, see this post.

When You’re Ready:

Jesus said that all you have to do to live forever, is to believe in him (John 3:16). That means believing that he died because he meant to. He did it to make a bridge, a way to God. So, when you’re ready:

“Jesus, I do believe that you died for my sake. I accept that I needed you to do that for me, and I now accept that gift, knowing I could never earn my own way to God.”

Things will not necessarily change dramatically after you say that prayer! The first thing you should do though, as soon as you can manage it, is to tell someone about it–even if it’s someone you don’t know very well–the pastor of a nearby church, an online friend who is also a Christ-follower (maybe me!)

Jesus can

How does that happen? By simply keeping up the Relationship. Which means talking to each other: you talk to God (it’s called “prayer”), and he talks to you–through his Spirit within you, as you read his words (“the Bible”). There are so many translations these days, to make it easier for you, and apps as well! (I use YouVersion.) Something that is really fun, is The Bible Project, which puts a summary of each book in video form.

 No, it won’t be always “simple” and easy. But just start with one simple step, at a time.

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