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With Burning Hearts, chapter III

"Inviting the Stranger" The notes for today though excellent, are very short, so no cut needed. And since we forgot to think of a chorus for today, maybe one will come to us by the end of this post! We … Continue reading

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who am I

Another excellent Lenten devotional this morning, about Peter’s denial. Isn’t it amazing how you can be so sure of what you’d do, of who you are–and then find yourself doing something totally contrary to that? You look back on the … Continue reading

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The first Holy Week night was a movie, Dead Man Walking. It was not one The Mom would have chosen to watch, but yes, one she should have watched. It’s based on true life Sister Prejean, who was the first … Continue reading

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i couldn’t do it

A thought struck us while we were reading this morning… Even though you knew it would all turn out wonderfully in the end: if your child was groaning under an incredible weight, and if he was saying to you, "..if … Continue reading

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run through a troop!!

OK, OK, so I got taken *blushes in embarrassment*… That livejournal announcement where they talked about the automatic cut-off at 140 words, and all the new things that made it sound exactly like Facebook? If you go back and click … Continue reading

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clear your view

We found an article that goes well with The Mom’s devotional writing for the Lenten Booklet (several days ago). She latched onto the "graven image" thing (her assigned scripture was the ten commandments), considering how foolish it is of us … Continue reading

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The excitement is mounting, now that the tiles have been chosen and the date set for work to begin–this Thursday!! Rej & Cathie are quite impressed with the smarts of the their "Bathroom Guy": the way he explains about the … Continue reading

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as sure as the Spring brings the rain…

What with getting things done & taking Student back to Rez, we’re posting very late today! While we’re waiting for the Bathroom Guy to come and help us pick out tiles. (There probably really is someone who calls themselves "Bathroom … Continue reading

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Ahhhh! You would not believe what a lovely day it is today! Not only is it sunny with the promise of warm temperatures, and the cardinals are singing and the crocuses are popping up yellow buds, but there’s NOTHING TO … Continue reading

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go ahead and cry out

We wanted to talk about a Bible Story we read the other day. How often do you read these things sort of by rote? And you picture the blind man, saying in a loud rote-voice, "Jesus Son of David! Have … Continue reading

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