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Particular things to be thankful for

Of course we’re all thankful for love, God, health, all that jazz. (Funny how I’d feel guilty if I didn’t mention that!) But this particular weekend, camped here at Earl Rowe Provincial Park, there are particular things to be thankful … Continue reading

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More is not better, one-on-one is best

Time to look over the new summer curriculum for the kids this Sunday, and tidy up things for the now finished-for-the-season Midweek Kids. You know, I’m already thinking of new ideas for the Fall, should we be able to continue–with … Continue reading

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Embrace what God is doing!

Boy, last night sure was a great reminder-lesson for me, reminding me how stupid it’s possible for me to be! Not that I don’t regularly pray about what I do, but maybe God allowed it, so I’d not be tempted … Continue reading

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The morning after The Last Night.

Hmmmm…. where’s that jubilant feeling I was waiting for? Or, the mixture of jubilant + sad. You know, because I’ve worn that beautiful blue Club House T-shirt for the last time, carried Tuck Shop over for the final night (in … Continue reading

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something funny

Boy, one could get kinda down… if you look at the weather–rain stretching on for days and days; thinking of Parents Not Coming as usual for Easter–poor Mom is sick! remembering several others who are going through some difficult and … Continue reading

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think, think, think

No sermon notes again today (poor Pappy, he misses them.. :P). Instead, how about some brief observations on yesterday’s Think Tank session that the elders had after church. Someone said that we should stop “naval-gazing”, and I certainly understand what … Continue reading

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God helped–not-only-Moses–do more than he thought he could!

The Mom was sooooo tired last night! She was falling asleep during her book, but when she turned it off she’d lie awake. Must have been that late coffee! She ended up taking a sleeping pill, but still woke up … Continue reading

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welcome to Fall

I’m finally enjoying the special spot The Mom set up for me near the window. That’s because you can’t get near to her, these days, with all the paper work piled around her! Between Club House, Child Protection Policy, Fall … Continue reading

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answer, answer, answer, answer

The Mom’s Facebook status said she had 4 answers to prayer in one day, and someone immediately commented “pray for me!” However, at least one of those prayers was joined by children–and you know how God pays special attention to … Continue reading

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does the summer’s rest store up, to be used-up now?

Well, score one for The Mom:  for once she just dropped the mess from Club Kickoff (scattered on the couch) soon after getting home, and went to bed; instead of sitting down and going through the registrations, and figuring out … Continue reading

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