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Some questions don’t have answers… but some do!

Another day of sitting around wondering what to do… after the little daily jobs are done. Going over again, how we might have done things differently, not to have all this blank time in between selling and moving. But we … Continue reading

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War Story

When we hear the testimonies of former drug addicts, thieves or adulterers who have come to faith, we’re encouraged. And we should be. But how would we react if a former terrorist or mass murdering dictator professed faith in Christ? … Continue reading

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“overwhelmingly trustworthy”

Gotta get this quote logged, so I can close the browser tab I’ve been keeping open. I shall link to it on my Simple! page. A paragraph from an article dealing with this recent “Jesus’ wife” thing: “…the fact remains … Continue reading

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Faith has no value…

I’m trying to keep from posting just for the sake of posting, like when there’s nothing running in my mind to talk about. But since I was too rushed to post yesterday, it would just feel weird to miss two … Continue reading

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