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My Christ-like Dad

Remember how Christ washed the disciples’ feet, and suggested that they should do the same: serve others vs being served? We were invited to my parents’ place for cards & supper yesterday, and my dad did a lot of serving! … Continue reading

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Young moms: don’t waste a drop!!

This is what I did when my baby was growing up… I remember taking many moments just enjoying him–learning to walk, talk, etc., or just enjoying how sweet he was. So thankful sometimes for my willingness to be lazy! I … Continue reading

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First response

It seems strange to be posting so seldom, these days. Blame the studying that needs to be done, I suppose, for this Perspectives course. At least the reading, as much as it is, is not difficult to follow. It’s actually … Continue reading

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Here’s to you!! XO

So, you know that Sweet Girl we’re always talking about? Here she is! I took quite a few pictures yesterday, with my handy-dandy iPhone… several of them would have been better (so I’ve discovered) with my “real” camera, but it … Continue reading

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A peek into the life of a 5-Kid Mom

No need to waste time thinking of what to post. I believe it’s been written for me, today. Of course, I really should ask her permission, etc…. but she’s my niece, she’ll forgive me! Especially if I mention the Proud … Continue reading

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valuable crops :)

You know, I’m over 55, but I won’t be stopping my work with children any time soon! And mostly for selfish reasons. For example, when your own are grown up, you miss the sense of “holiday”, when the summer comes. … Continue reading

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that Sweet fragrance that attracts

A friend had me over to her condo yesterday. The plan was to show me the Recreation area, and everything that is available for exercise, since she would like to have me come regularly so we can work out together. … Continue reading

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Mr. Fix-It Strikes Again!

My husband told me once, that he wanted to be a plumber. He could also have been an electrician: yesterday when “we” were installing the new thermostat-we-suddenly-had-to-buy, I had trouble trying to put those thin wires behind those tiny screws… … Continue reading

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foolishness to some, power to others

Wow, we were supposed to be away this weekend, but that sermon we were supposed to miss was something else! Not only an excellent sermon with powerful truths, but packed with personal testimony. Brian was an avid atheist before he … Continue reading

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If you don’t know what you’re doing…

Still tweaking this week’s schedule, among other things rearranging things for the ski trip on the weekend (she says as the RAIN is pouring down outside! :$) Hopefully I won’t miss days at a time here again this week, and … Continue reading

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