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lets get to work

Not too busy today, but then it’ll be time to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend–Yay!! LASTLY, for the Perspectives “points”… I wasn’t going to share the list of specific things to pray about, but they’re actually not TOO specific, and … Continue reading

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cup days

Lilacs on my table… means I could not. possibly. be happier!! What a PERFECT thing for Mother’s Day! I picked them last night on my run, during one of the walking-intervals. Don’t go thinking I cheated, because I feel sore … Continue reading

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Here’s to the Programmer!

When you do your “Person-of-the-Week”, the idea is not to just try and think of someone–anyone at all–at the last minute. It should be someone you came across over the past week, or who crossed your mind for some reason. … Continue reading

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of utmost importance

This post has been flitting in and out of my mind for awhile, and it’s as if Something is trying to stop it… and I believe it’s so important and effective that the same Something stops “it” from happening as … Continue reading

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bits of sunshine and glory

Today is the day to think about your “Person of the Week”. It doesn’t have to be someone who inspires several paragraphs of  glowing praise, in fact it’s usually better not to put someone on a pedestal like that, right? … Continue reading

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Flip the switch.

It’s kind of fitting that the next thing we find to share with you is about prayer. Because The Mom is on prayer-duty this morning, at church! (Our church has a schedule for a couple of people to be at … Continue reading

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He prayeth well, who loveth well. (Samuel Coleridge)

Ahhhhhh!! Don’t you just LOVE these wide-open-doors-and-windows days!! We’ve had just enough rain to make things grow–and to keep us from having time to mow the lawn before the next rain. Anyway, The Mom is busy with the final Tuck … Continue reading

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