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Do you know what you’re doing?

“But anyone who needs wisdom should ask God, whose very nature is to give to everyone without a second thought, without keeping score. Wisdom will certainly be given to those who ask.“ (James 1:5)  I have proved this verse true … Continue reading

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Catch the vision

So I’ve unchecked the automatic post-to-facebook… in fact, only a few people will likely read this. Not about running this time though! I just want to relieve my mind of certain thoughts, around our church. After all, the Proposal was … Continue reading

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Whittled down enough yet?

I told you Superwoman was good with scripture, didn’t I? (See previous post.) Today she reminded me of the story of Gideon. You remember–he had a battle to fight, and God whittled down his army to just a handful of … Continue reading

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spoiler… HA! (only if you haven’t read HP!)

I’ve just finished re-reading all the Harry Potter books. There was a lot I missed the first time, especially in the last one. Amazing how Easter-ish it was! Near the end, Harry came to the realization that he had to … Continue reading

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Stuck for words

–but I’m going to try anyway! This is about the Northern Lights I saw the other night (August 3rd), just north of the 49th parallel (where Rej’s family lives). Sorry: it’s a bit long, because it’s also a good-bye/memory post. … Continue reading

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for friends who are suffering…

The Mom has had cause to remember something she always used to say: "I became a Christian just in time for the hardest period in my life!" Teen years, the pressures of high school, etc.  What could be harder? Of … Continue reading

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Interesting that this theme comes up just as The Mom posted that she’s feeling stressed about all the choices she has for her Play Time. The idea of all the things you have to do or get back to, little … Continue reading

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Protected: Let there be sorrow–

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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hold on, wait for it…

How amazing it is, when God seems to speak directly and personally to you! The Mom was reading the verses that go along with today’s Lenten reading, but not really paying attention to what she was reading. She was thinking … Continue reading

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Words that make… no words

As much as we’ve been reading through these Old Testament books of the prophets and just wishing they’d soon be done already, this morning something kind of "leaked inside", leaked from the Words into the Heart. You see, when it … Continue reading

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