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Sun rise

Don’t imagine yourself to be quite presentable when you haven’t had a bath in weeks. That’s your proverb for today. Seriously: Proverbs 30:12! The next verse explains it: “Don’t be stuck up and think you’re better than everyone else.” (Proverbs … Continue reading

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giggling and wiggling

We posted a rather long one yesterday, just when we thought it was going to be short! Well, let’s try that again today, see if we do better. The Mom has gone and “let out” her idea, and now the … Continue reading

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In a Wood

Hmmmm…. The Mom is certainly NOT “up and at it” this morning! She went to bed exhausted, and woke up even more so (at about 5 am). Myself, I’m just enjoying this spot of sunlight–such a great thing to flake … Continue reading

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frogs and centipedes

***Rather than figure out how to back-date something, we’ll just edit here: 2010, air conditioner came on May 25th, when we got back from a week at Nanny & Pappy’s. 2011–May 21st*** The Mom has been “up and at it” … Continue reading

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May day, May Day!

Wooooohooooo!!!!  Say it with a happy sigh breathing through the syllable:  Maaaay!  Wouldn’t that be a pretty name for a girl? And now, it really is time to– clean out the front closet pull the weeds out of the garden … Continue reading

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poems about bugs

Why not?  There are good bugs and bad bugs, we’ve certainly learned THAT, with all of this stomach/diet stuff we’ve been doing with The Student.  And these days, we’re crossing our fingers and concentrating very hard (most of you know … Continue reading

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speaking of summer mood-setting…

Time for another favourite poem.  The Mom wanted to use this one some how last year when her parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which is coming up again soon (the anniversary coming again, not the 50th :P). GOLDEN GLORIES … Continue reading

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thank you for bees

We seem to be lazy with this journal these days, only because there’s a lot of non-laziness going on around this house.  Tonight The Mom has her final meeting about the kids’ club, and then maybe she’ll feel like the … Continue reading

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